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14Maximize EV Driving Range with SiC Gate Driver
16SiC MOSFET Modules as Building Blocks for PV Systems with Integrated Storage and EV Charging
22Improving Performance While Reducing Size and Cost with Monolithic GaN Integration
26Advanced Inductor Circuit Models
30Compact, Robust and Self-Shielding
34Benefits and Challenges of Custom ASIC Development for Electronic Systems
36Understanding Quiescent Current and Shutdown Current with a Boost Converter
38Back to Basics: Capacitors
42Variable DC-Link Voltage LLC Resonant DC/DC Converter using GaN HEMTs and SiC Diodes
46Wireless Battery Management Systems

 Thank you, Nuremberg ...

... for once again being a fantastic host for PCIM Europe! I only know the conference and exhibition as a Franconian event, although I understand that it was originally launched in Munich. Bodo has often shared stories of the event's beginnings, with a conference in a hotel and the "exhibition" in the underground car park. It is impressive to see how something can develop, if you put enough passion and patience into it. We had a great time last month, with lots of meetings, Bodo's panel discussion and even a 100th anniversary. The panel discussion was well attended as usual, and it almost looked, for the first time there were more visitors for GaN than SiC. A very small difference, although I could be wrong, but that was my impression. It is left to your imagination what that could mean! Also, thank you Nuremberg, for the pleasant weather you provided this year. Can you do me a favour please and plan for similar conditions next year, even if the event will be held in mid-June? I know it is usually quite hot then, but maybe you can make an exception.

It was the first time that our whole team was in Nuremberg to set up the stand and welcome the visitors. Everyone had a lot of fun, and we brought back some nice souvenirs: dozens of pens and other gifts from the countless stands we visited, a pair of nice PCIM socks, and some of the teeam also brought a virus called Covid from the event. Ouch, that beast is still around!

Last month Bodo announced that we would be coming back to Munich in December for his Wide Bandgap event. We can now confirm the dates will be the 12th and 13th December. We will keep you informed here and through our other communication channels about the programme, opportunities and ticketing. We couldn't be more excited as we truly believe that the time of virtual events is over. At least when it comes to exhibitions and conferences, apart from the beast that I mentioned above. Although the preparations will give us additional work over the summer, we are so looking forward to it that we don't mind the extra effort!

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My Green Power Tip for the Month:
I think I had this idea before, but I like it so much because it reminds me of my grandma: make your own ice cream for hot summer days. It's fun, economical and ecologically sound, and can taste just as good or even better!

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