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16Simulation Environment for the Design of Switched-Mode Power Supplies
18The smarter E Europe 2022
20Focusing on SiC Technology
22Wide Bandwidth Current Transducers for Power Analysis
26Model-Based Power Converter Design using High-Confidence MOSFET Models
30Nano Pulse Technology for Primary DC/DC Converter Design: Reducing Application PCB Size and Cost
34Depletion-mode Power MOSFETs: The Forgotten MOS
38Understanding Probing Requirements When Measuring Dynamic Power Module Parameters
40How Buck Regulators with Integrated Capacitors Help Lower EMI and Save Board Space
42Configurable, Multiple Output Cascaded Buck Converter Steps from 60 V to 0.8 V

 Digital WBG Content for All

It was no surprise that everybody was not able to travel to PCIM in Nuremberg this year. Local restrictions or simply hesitation have not yet completely disappeared. Therefore, it is still very important to find a variety channels to increase the reach of your event. Digital platforms are an effective tool, and we are very pleased to have the recordings of Bodo's panel discussions on Wide Bandgap from this year's PCIM available on our website and YouTube channel. There were three sessions: two on SiC and one on GaN with a total of 19 presentations. Each of the three videos is over 40 minutes long, so plan enough time to watch them all. Here are the links: and

Here, you will not only find the recordings from PCIM, but also all the other videos from past events such as our WBG events and past Expert Talks. Speaking of which, the next round of this quarterly format is scheduled for July 27. We can’t believe that this is the sixth Expert Talk series! I guess Bodo has a good feel for this successful discussion format and the last quarter's magazines certainly provide plenty of articles for us to discuss. You are probably curious as to which experts will join us this time. As always, participation is free, and registration and details will be posted on our website soon.

It will soon be time when many of us will take a vacation and recharge our batteries. Business slows down, and the summer break is a welcome opportunity to focus on the really important things in life, like family, relaxation and ice cream. Let’s hope we can all get a little distraction from the craziness in the world today. I don't know about you, but I almost dread watching the news as it feels like things are getting worse by the week. As I write these words, official warnings of "life-threatening heat" have been issued for some parts of Germany and I know that other parts of the world like India have been suffering for weeks. I wonder why some people still deny climate change?

Bodo’s magazine is delivered by postal service to all places in the world. It is the only magazine that spreads technical information on power electronics globally. We have EETech as a partner serving our clients in North America. If you speak the language, or just want to have a look, don’t miss our Chinese version at An archive of my magazine with every single issue is available for free at my website

My Green Power Tip for the Month:
Make your own ice cream for the Summer. It's not only fun, saves money and usually tastes great, but you'll be saving resources, rather than consuming something that has been manufactured.

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