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16Powering Portable Electronics Using High-Voltage MCUs with Integrated Buck-Boost Battery Charge Controllers
18Tiny Encapsulated Buck Regulators Supply up to 20 A with up to 94 % Efficiency
20Modular Approach to 48V Automotive Power Delivery Networks
24SiC MOSFET and .XT – Improved Lifetime for Your Applications
30Advancements in USB Power Delivery: GaN Technology for Efficiency and High-Power Density
34Driving Innovation in Motion Control Applications
40How a Generation of Integrated Current Sensors Will Help Drive Global Electrification of Two- and Three-Wheel Vehicles
44Modular dv/dt Pulse Generator Testbench for Insulation Endurance Assessment – Part 2
48Empowering Defense Applications with MIL-COTS Front-end Filters
52Gate Drivers with Dynamic Gate Strength Improve EV Performance
56How to Use GaN Power Devices for Superior Mid-Range Motor Inverters
60EMI: The Prescription to Keep Noise Down in Medical Equipment
64Save Space and Improve Efficiency with a 4-Switch Buck-Boost Controllers

 Between APEC and PCIM

As you know several members of our editorial team recently attended APEC, and in our last issue (April) we featured a highly-compressed report about this important US event. In April I visited the Embedded World show in Nuremberg even though this is an embedded systems show and no power event at all. However, as every embedded system needs power to operate, I decided to attend and met many companies and friends in the power supply business.
Even though I am really fascinated by high-power applications and wide bandgap-enabled power supplies one of the most impressive meetings I had at Embedded World was with a company active in the energy harvesting business. They showed solutions where conventional batteries are replaced with a tiny rechargeable lithium-ion battery, an energy management (power) IC and e.g. a really small photovoltaic cell. In terms of battery exchange logistics and continuous operation/longevity this is an essential step forward, and in terms of environmental protection this is another significant advancement because it means that disposable batteries are no longer used for this application, thereby reducing the amount of waste. But this was just an excursion into the world of ultralow power applications. Our main focus is and will remain on higher power applications.
We are busy preparing for the PCIM show, where our entire editorial team will be present for three days. Following the tradition Bodo has once again invited leading executives of the wide bandgap industry to attend our very special session at the PCIM Technology Stage in Hall 7 on Wednesday. When I talked to Bodo about this unique information format he called it "like speed dating" because the experts will present the real highlights of the Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride industry. Each speaker has a maximum of five minutes to present. Bodo calls this speed dating, I call it a highly compact and extremely efficient industry update. During this "WBG information pressure refueling" Bodo's Power Systems will bring you with the latest technology within an hour. So please reserve these time slots in your calendar and arrive early to learn about SiC from 11:20 to 12:15 and from 13:15 to 14:15 as well as about GaN from 14:20 to 15:20.

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My Green Power Tip for the Month:
Try to avoid disposable batteries in your designs whenever energy harvesting solutions (and a small rechargeable battery) might make sense as well. Discuss with your team the soft benefits of more environmentally friendly solutions because very often green solutions enable a better TCO (total cost of ownership over the product lifetime). Let your marketing and product definition people know about your design team s green design skills; dare to walk the green power path!

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