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14-15Axial-lead Hybrid Polymer AL Caps with Highest Current Ratings
16Buck-Converter with Record Step-Down Ratio
18-21High-speed, Multi-channel Waveform Recording for Evaluating Inverter Drive Systems
22-253.3 kV Full SiC MOSFETs - Towards High-Performance Traction Inverters
26-28IPM Cost Benchmarks
30-32Trends in Electromagnetic Component Design
34-35High Performance Flybuck
36-38IGBT Modules Sectioned Non-Destructively

A New Year, With Challenges As Ever

In the circle of our beloved, the festive mood of Christmas is still close to our memories. For most of us, mountains of delicious food and gifts abounding, accompanied these special days. During these festive hours, it is only human not to remember all the people on this planet who are not so blessed! I too fall into this trap! But still, I think it's important not to treat our privileges as self-evident.

Bodo is just recovering from a severe case of Bronchitis, but in the February issue he will continue to share his observations on our Industry and no doubt discuss some socially critical issues.

The New Year, 2018, has dawned and brings a lot of good intentions to many of us - like many a year in the past, no doubt. We all have good intentions: living healthier, exercising more and looking after oneself - just a few of the goals people set for themselves. After Bodo recovers, he too will join in our plans to live a more healthy life. Bodo has already seen a personal goal realized ! It was a really good feeling for him to know that the work in our family business continues, even though he had to allow himself a few days' rest. Working with people whom you can trust unconditionally and who are just as motivated as you – priceless!

The year 2017 was again a very successful one for the Magazine. It ended with the Power Conference in Munich, and this event, carried out in cooperation with our friends from ICC Media, was also a success. Hundreds of attendees enjoyed the expertise of selected representatives on the subject of Wide Band Gap semiconductors. The transition to SiC and GaN will be keeping us busy for a long time. These materials are an indispensable part of the future of power semiconductors. Again, a big thank you to all sponsors, speakers and participants!

The Conference season in 2018 will start soon and we will be present at all important events. APEC in March in historic San Antonio (in Spanish Tejas), then PCIM Europe in June – remember the new date. You will always find a list of important events on our website and in the magazine. As I strolled through the endless halls of productronica in November, however, I wondered about the size, the glitter, and cost of the displays. Isn't a Conference really about conveying information – just my point of view?

Again in 2018, Bodo's Power Systems will be appearing every month and reaching its readers worldwide. We will continue to rely on a printed magazine. At a time when online pop-ups are overflowing in the web and our emails spill over daily, it is a good thing to retire with a magazine and enjoy relevant topics in peace. Our readers provide us this feedback almost every day.
Peaceful contemplation - maybe another worthwhile intention.

Bodo’s Power Systems reaches readers across the globe. If you are using any kind of tablet or smart phone, you will find all of our content on the new website or visit us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. If you speak the language, or just want to have a look, don't miss our Chinese version:

My Green Power Tip for January:
Concentrate on the essential at your trade fair appearance. For Vendors, transporting tons of material to the venue is not ecological. Information transfer may get lost in the spectacle of the stand. Sometimes a little less is more!
Best regards,
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