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Bodo's Power Systems is both delivered in print and online formats. Using our strength and global understanding of the power electronics market, Bodo's Power Systems is the publication focused exclusively on the technical needs of power electronics engineers.

Using both a print and online format, Bodo's Power Systems provides the global engineering community detailed technology, applications, products and news. Please have a look at our Media Kit below to get more information like circulation profile or the editorial calendar.

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The only journal for power electronics and systems delivering worldwide print and digital. 12 times a year, always on time.

Deadline for material: 15th of the issue's preceding month.

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Your contribution to Bodo's Power Systems magazine.

All contributions are free at Bodo's Power Systems. We will be happy to review your material, as long as it wasn't published elsewhere, and we will get in contact with you.
Special conditions apply for cover stories - please contact us.
Deadline for editorials: First week of the issue's preceding month.

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