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14-16IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Expo - ECCE 2017
18-22From Science Fiction to Industry Fact: GaN Power ICs Enable the New Revolution in Power Electronics
24-25Magnetics Design - Simple or Complex?
26-29BMW Brilliance Automotive Opens Battery Factory in Shenyang
30-32FTCAP Delivers Broad Spectrum Including Special Solutions
34-37High Power Density, High Performance X-Series 4500V IGBT Power Modules
38-41Ramping up to Create Timing Sources
42-431700 V LoPak1 IGBT Power Module by Holistic Design Approach
44-47Accelerating Custom Capacitor Design with Simulation Apps
48-51A Low-Profile IPM with Optimized Heat Dissipation for Use in Restricted Environments: CIPOS Nano IPM
52-53Wireless Medical Instrumentation Benefits from New Power ICs
54-57High Power Electronics: Cleaning Requirements for Improved Efficiency and Reliability
58-59Why not Measure Signals Also in the Time Domain to Understand and Design EMI Filters?

Respect Life on Earth

We are facing slow moving changes to our planet that inevitably impact our lives. Global warming is one such problem, pollution by radioactive material is another and it is among the worst, as it can create uninhabitable areas forever. Chemical pesticides have caused birth defects and cancer. This is the only world we have and we must be smart enough to keep it well. Our children must have a future for their lives, as for all the generations to come.

Thanksgiving has arrived and Christmas holidays will soon be here. We should be happy to have enough food and to enjoy peace but there is still too much war going on in our world. Our energies should be focused toward education for all the world's children. Education is the key to a better life for upcoming generations, and it's so sad to hear the numbers of kids that receive no education. UNICEF programs support children's education, and they deserve our contribution. That is why my holiday greeting cards are the ones that support UNICEF – it's an easy thing to do – I recommend it!

I recently visited productronica and SEMICON Europa in Munich. It is nice to see progress in semiconductor production and handling, as semiconductors become more and more important in our lives. Power semiconductors especially are key elements that reduce electrical consumption. And not only are new semiconductor materials important, energy storage is a wide field to drive new development. Electrical cars, available for all, will need batteries in large volume and with higher efficiency than those we have today. The associated passive components have to match the performance of Gan and SiC to achieve efficient systems.

In our field, Wide Band Gap semiconductors will make their contribution in system designs with significantly reduced losses. The future is design with SiC and GaN. For all design engineers that desire a more efficient future, I recommend attending the following event in Munich Germany:
Wide Band Gap Conference, December 5th 2017, Munich Airport
Wide Band Gap semiconductors have become mature over the last decade. The trend is to replace silicon power switches with SiC and GaN. It is important that system design engineers get involved in advanced design work using wide band gap devices for their next project. Experts from semiconductor manufacturers and early users will describe their experience to help ease the transition to the new technology. For conference details see:
A great group of experts will be presenting and discussing WBG applications. Book your seat now to remain at the frontier of technology for your next design project. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Munich during the presentation.

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My Green Power Tip for December:
You may have collected my printed magazine over the years. The ones you do not need can be used to build Christmas Ornaments to decorate your tree. This idea came from people of the Fraunhofer Institute - rest assured it's a good one.

Merry Christmas
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