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12HiPak Modules in Chopper Configuration for 3300V and 4500V
14PCIM Asia 2017 - Breaking New Ground
16-20Side Wall Gate - Moving on from Trench
22-23An Intelligent IGBT Module for Single-Ended Induction Heating Applications
24-28Current Progress at Si IGBTs in the Voltage Range up to 1200V
30-33Automotive PCB Properties and Design Considerations
34-35Choosing Among Ceramic, Substrates for Power Circuits
36-38Magnetics Design Part I
40-49Don't let your Digital Storage Oscilloscope betray you Part 2

Wide Band Gap Semiconductors

Wide Band Gap Semiconductors have been here for quite a while, but now Power Electronics is focused on these devices. They can reduce losses versus established silicon designs. GaN has traditionally been used in high frequency applications, but now GaN is reported with about a 1000 volts breakdown. SiC is capable of several kV – useful for even the traction systems of modern high speed trains.

In general, we are seeing a trend away from combustion-engine automobiles and towards electric vehicles. This is a mega change for the automobile industry. Moving away from combustion engines will cause industry changes of a similar nature to those in the history of steam locomotives. Electric and diesel took over and the old names in locomotive manufacturing disappeared. Now we see Elon Musk at Tesla overcoming the barriers of traditional automobiles by a clear focus on total electric cars.

While battery performance does continue to improve, wide band gap devices will help with lower losses. The goal is to a longer driving distance with one fully charged battery. Full- electric vehicles in our cities will do much to reduce pollution – high smog levels will disappear and health will improve in cities around the world. I remember a time, before catalytic converters became mandatory for combustion cars, when I looked down from the Griffin Observatory in Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean. One could see clouds of smog and you hardly could imagine that the Ocean was there. Even my throat felt the pollution.

But that was about four decades ago, and as I visit California frequently, I notice the significant change today, and more will come through electric vehicles. Other countries, such as India and China, push ahead with EV’s for similar reasons.

Our next meetings are conferences such as the EPE ECCE in Warsaw, Poland and the ECCE in Cincinnati, USA. These conferences focus on power semiconductors and their applications. Wide-band-gap devices are at the leading edge of new designs for reduced losses and improved efficiency.

This issue has the first article from Dr. Ridley. Over the coming year, Dr. Ridley will contribute to Bodo’s Power a special series of articles on magnetics design, focusing on the basics of design, practical manufacturing aspects, and such advanced topics of proximity losses and modelling. To learn more, check out Dr. Ridley's video on magnetics at:
A wide range of additional information can be found in the papers and articles on Dr. Ridley’s Power Supply Design Center at: We very much look forward to our collaboration.

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My Green Power Tip for August:
Strawberries are at their best ! Eat them while you pick them in the fields. Some people, possibly with dental problems, turn them into a smoothie - save the energy of powering a smoothie maker - just pick and eat.

There is still time for a nice vacation during late summer and early autumn, we wish you well.

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