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Trench Schottky with Multilayer Varistors
The TSUPxM45SH & TSUPxM60SH Schottky rectifiers offer low leakage current and low forward voltage drop. The series devices are optimized for the automotive applications with low power loss, high efficiency – maximum leakage current is only 20mA at high temperature operation. The series devices include 5A/10A/15A forward current and maximum VRRM is 45V/60V. All these capabilities are packed into SMPC4.6U (TO-277A compatible) package. This is a wettable flank package, it enhances the solder joint ...
SPSNuremberg, GermanyNov 26 2019
Intersolar IndiaBangalore, IndiaNov 27 2019
Electric Drives E / DPCEssllingen, GermanyDez 03 2019
Power Electronics Conference Munich, GermanyDez 03 2019
IEEE IEDMSan Francisco, CA, USADez 07 2019
SEMICON Japan Tokyo, JapanDez 11 2019
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