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ROLINX Busbars and curamik Ceramic Substrates Blog
The new Rogers' blog, Olivier's Twist, courtesy of Rogers Power Electronics Solutions (PES), will discuss technical issues and solutions provided by ROLINX busbars and curamik ceramic substrates. Additional resources are also available via the PES Design Hub. The blog is listed on Bodo's Power Systems links:
IPEC ECCE Asia Niigata, JapanMai 20 2018
EnerHarvCork, IrelandMai 29 2018
PCIM EuropeNuremberg, GermanyJun 05 2018
SMT HybridNuremberg, GermanyJun 05 2018
SCAPEStockholm, SwedenJun 11 2018
CWIEME BerlinBerlin, GermanyJun 19 2018
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