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16Variable Step Down Micro Modules
18Device Family Reduces Standby Power
20Interview on Winning GaN Applications
24Artificial Intelligence in Power Electronics
28Innovative Driver Solutions for all Power Semiconductors
30A Step Forward to Miniaturization for Current Sensing in Power Conversion Systems
36WBG Semiconductors to Take Spotlight at Power Conference
38Robust High Voltage IGBT Power Modules Against Humidity and Condensation
42High-Power-Density Adapters and Chargers – Challenges and Solutions
46Ignition IGBTs: Effect of PCB Design on Ignition IGBTs Thermal Performance
50Flyback Transformer Specification Made Easy with Power Stage Designer
52High-Precision Winding Testing with a New Type of Impulse Winding Tester
5640 V Input, 3.5 A Silent Switcher μModule Regulator for Automotive and Industrial Applications
58Analytical Model of an LLC Converter with a Constant Power Load

Traveling by Train

The season of conferences and shows has already begun. I took the Auto Train to Verona, then drove to Genoa, Italy for EPE ECCE in September. On the way back North, I stopped at Leti, in Grenoble. Here, important work on GaN is carried out and future semiconductors that will operate more efficiently in power electronic systems. Finally, I visited customers in France and Switzerland and arrived home with my car from Lörrach, Germany – again in an auto train. Sleeping overnight is a good way to travel home.

Traveling throughout Europe this year, I recognized that cities such as Genoa, Grenoble, Bern, Zurich, Luzern, Oslo and Bergen are all good examples of where streetcars and trolley busses are used for highly efficient public transportation. Variable speed electric drives make trolley busses and street cars efficient. And wide band gap devices for the next generation’s inverter technology will reduce losses even more. SiC devices are taking over at this point from the silicon IGBTs that have been the workhorses for about three decades.

As engineers, we have to work to keep our world attractive for the next generations. Greta and all the young people are right to alert us to stop global warming. Using trains and reducing unnecessary travel will help stop the process.

In December our third Wide Band Gap Conference will take place in Munich, again in cooperation with AspenCore. The program is finalized, and we will see some of the most important leaders in power electronics talking about their progress with these materials. There is still an opportunity to participate as an exhibitor at the tabletop. Our AspenCore friends in Munich will arrange it. If you’re interested, just contact us and we will be very happy to forward your request to the right person ! A high-quality audience is guaranteed. Beside the presentations and the tabletop, the networking will be of great value. Visit to book your ticket now. I am looking forward to seeing you in Munich and chatting about your progress.

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My Green Power Tip for the Month:
Use the train for travel - it is much better for the environment than a flight or a car.
I did and was relaxed, travelling to Italy to the EPE ECCE Conference.

Best Regards
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