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18High Fidelity Real-Time Simulation of Electrical Drives
20Hermetically Sealed 125C AC Capacitors for 400Hz Aerospace and Marine Applications
22Power Amplifiers Specialize in Driving Piezoelectric Capacitive Loads in Inkjet Printer Heads
24-27Custom Inductors – ONE Design Equation
28-32Spinning the World of 3D Printers
34Cool Running, 144W, 4 × 40A Module POL Regulator
36-42Next Generation Automotive Traction Power Module
44-46Semiconductor Solutions for Energy Storage Systems in Light Traction Vehicles
52-557th Generation 1700 V IGBT Modules: Loss Reduction and Excellent System Performance
56-59SiC in Industrial Auxiliary Power Supplies
60-62SiC Cascodes and Their Advantages in Power Electronic Applications
64-65Full SiC Performance in Power Modules
66-68High Efficiency IGBT M7 Chip Technology Utilized in the Mid Power Package VINco E3
70-71Designing a 15ns Gate Drive Transformer
72-74Why to Use Power Stage Designer to Start a Power Supply Design
76-78Accelerating Adoption of SiC Power
79-81Taking Advantage of SiC’s High Switching Speeds
82-83Wide Band Gap is no Mystery
84-86SiC and GaN Systems Design Engineers no Longer “flying blind”

Waiting for Spring !

APEC in San Antonio: Texas gets the power family together again. It is always a great opportunity in March for a nice warm place to work, and moving important information out to engineers who will develop the more efficient designs of the future.

With wide band gap devices we have new challenges – getting the packaging right and the passive components to match the speed and thermal performance of GaN and SiC devices. All manufactures of power semiconductors are facing up to the challenge of SiC and or GaN. We see GaN now up to a kilovolt or a little above. SiC is capable of several kilovolts for applications that require high voltage. The future is in improved efficiency over previous designs. Products have become mature and applications are running at end users.

Wide Band Gap devices have paved a road to our future designs. We are now in a phase of adoption that requires a wider group of engineers to get familiar with wide band gap devices for their new designs. Higher switching speed, potentially higher temperature, and lower losses present challenges: for passive components, for the measurement of signals, and for switching interference. APEC in San Antonio is a place for experts to present their latest developments. We will be present with our team to get you up to date with their progress.

It is important that we have enough power to speak out for freedom in the world.
I still look forward to see fair treatment of journalists in the world. It is not acceptable that journalists be held in jail, without any accusation, for a full year. Too bad if their reports are critical of what they see. We have to work for the freedom for Deniz Yücel. Journalism keeps freedom alive for us all – there are innumerable examples from our past to teach us.

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My Green Power Tip for March:
If it is cold outside and freezing, wear an extra pullover. You will be able to do more walking in wintertime.

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